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A Bloody Threat

I'm nervous about the history project! Its due next week. So that means only two more lessons to work on it and then.. Oh no.. We have to present our project to our class. Ugh.. I hate.. Yes I literally hat reading pout loud and present stuff to people. Ahh.. spring is here.. soon. Its quite warm now actually. The weather here is weird.. like really weird. So today when I was walking to school I saw.. ugh XM. I walked past her when she suddenly grabs my arm and grabs my shirt and "throws" me to the wall!!! Like calm down psycho! She held me up against the wall with an angry look and then she said..

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8 Missed Calls

Tuesday. Overslept today. Dang. Didn't get to school today. Dang. I woke up about 1pm. So silly of me.. I forgot to set the alarm clock. By the time I woke up school was already over, you see Tuesdays are really short (MEGA LOVE FOR THAT♥), school ends 1pm. So well.. So I looked at my cellphone and notice that I got 8 missed calls. Hm.. From who..? Joel? No. Jenna? Yes. YES from Jenna.. She prolly wonder why nobody was there to listen to her problems! Oh such a shame to miss school and not hear why Jenna's life is so pathetic because she stepped on gum! Oh well I didn't return her calls. Imma gonna pretend my cell phone was out of battery yeah. So nothing happend to today. So.. short entry! ~

Long time no see

There wasn't any school today because tat it was a snow blizzard! Yay! But.. I'm kinda worried about the history thing, like its due next week.. And.. well basically we've got nowhere.. But he promised me to not run out me again, so it should work out.. The blizzard pretty much stopped at 12pm so I thought I would call Joel and see if he wanna hang out.. or something.. I called him but.. his phone was turned off.. I'm kinda sad.. I mean like at friday we got together and at saturday he said he wanted to see me and yesterday I didn't hear from him and today.. no.. What's going on..?

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Its not a secret anymore..

Yet again, I was at my special place today. That guy came again..  But he didn't cry this time.. He just sat there just staring down at floor. I don't know why but I was interested in who he was and we he came here and why he was sad/down. I looked down on him when I suddenly by accident touched the window loudly.. He reacted and raised his head, but I closed the window quickly before he could see me.. He said:

Guy: Hello?
  I didn't answer him..

Guy: You know I saw you right?
  No, he's lying there's no way he saw me!! ...right? His voice kinda sounded familiar.. Could it be someone I know?
Guy: Show your face! I know you're up there!
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My Special Place

I couldn't sleep last night at all.. Its totally because of what happened yesterday.. Its so weird.. I still can't believe what happened.. There's so many thoughts running through my head.. First of all.. who the fudge sent me those gift anyway at valentines day anyway? It didn't seem like Joel did after what he said yesterday.. And who put that note in my locker wanting to meet me and then stood me up? Was it XM? Does she like Joel? Why is Dave so weird? Why Is XM such a bitch? And most importantly.. why do I always make fun of Carrot Top in my posts? and in Daily Life.?

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I'm so hyper today!! This was like my best day ever!!! You'll get to know in a moment!! Today I was going to the mall with Joel!! Anyway, so I still haven't really figured out why Dave is acting so weird lately.. But I do hope he stays normal and nice.. Well, anyway I  just arrived at school and were headed to the door. I saw Dave walking a bit behind me.. I didn't say anything. I walked up the stairs to the door.. when I.. ugh.. I slipped at a step! I was about to fall when.. Dave, who was right behind me in the stairs.. he catched me! I looked into his eyes shocked.. lololololololol.. these are the moments I should have with.. Joel you know.. but they keep happening between me and Dave!? Eh!?

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There's already a rumor??

So.. I don't know what the fudge is up with Dave lately.. First he's acting all mean and that then he's acting all nice and normal like Carrot Top when he has eaten candy, then he's acting all mean again like when Carrot Top hit you in the head with a Barbie? And today he.. apologized!? Mood swings much, huh? So this is pretty much what happened..

I was walking in the corridors alone on my way to the bathroom to write XM is a bitch on the bathroom stall walls, to fix my make-up. I was walking calmly when a door opens in front of me. Out of the door comes.. ugh.. Dave.. I sigh and walk past him when he.. grabs my.. arm and says..

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Back to the same old jerk..

So today is Wednesday, which means history thingy with Dave. I was still mad about yesterday that the person did show up.. I mean I waited 2 hours and it was freezing cold! I bet it was XM who sent me the note to screw me!! I hate her.. or maybe it was put into my locker by mistake and was meant for someone else.. Oh.. I don't know.. However something happened later today..

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Its snowing again. Fun. Like it's been snowing all day yesterday. Just when the snow was gone.. poof! It appears as fast as Jenna's self hate! When I got to school and were opening my locker.. boom! A letter falls out! Surprised as I was, I mean who ever writes letters these days? Nah, I mean no one puts anything in my locker. However I picked it up and opened it. It said:

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My secret admirer is Joel and Dave cares?

I was wearing that pretty star necklace I got from my secret admirer yesterday! ♥ I really wonder who sent me all those stuff.. I hope its Joel! Well, however today was monday which means History class.. with Dave.. I don't know how to face him after what happened on saturday. But he didn't show up at class.. So I had to do all the work by myself today.. fun! After class ended I saw him standing a bit away looking down on the floor.. Hm.. I hope he's ashamed that he left me to do all the work today.. I walked up to him, ready to confront him!

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