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My secret admirer is Joel and Dave cares?

I was wearing that pretty star necklace I got from my secret admirer yesterday! ♥ I really wonder who sent me all those stuff.. I hope its Joel! Well, however today was monday which means History class.. with Dave.. I don't know how to face him after what happened on saturday. But he didn't show up at class.. So I had to do all the work by myself today.. fun! After class ended I saw him standing a bit away looking down on the floor.. Hm.. I hope he's ashamed that he left me to do all the work today.. I walked up to him, ready to confront him!

Me: Hey! Why didn't you come to class?? I had to do everything by myself!
Dave: Oh? Sorry I just came..
Me: Well, alright then.. I hope you just won't let me do the work alone again..
Dave: Nah, I won't do that..
  He smiled at me.. this was strange..
Me: Okay.. why aren't you like insulting me or something?
Dave: Hmh? Do you want me to insult you?
Me: No!! I just thought it was weird you didn't..
  He looks down on my..
Me: Hey! What are you looking at!?
  I covered myself..
Dave: What!? No! I.. I was just looking at your necklace it sparkles so much!
Me: Oh.. good..
Dave: But whats..
  He grabs my hand..
Dave: Did that guy leave you marks? (I had red marks on my wrist from saturday night when that guy grabbed my wrists so hard)
Me: Ehrm.. yeah..
Dave: Ow, its pretty bad.. Does it hurt?
Me: Yeah, a little.. and Yeah, thanks for like.. saving me..
Dave: Oh.. well you're welcome..
  He smiled at me.. I smiled back..
Me: Well I gotta go.. I'll be late for class..
  He realeased my hand..
Dave: Yeah.. me too

I don't know what has gotten into him.. He's so.. nice and normal.. I'm starting to hate this guy less and less. I hope he continues to act this way. I looked for Joel.. but he wasn't there today I guess.. Too bad.. I like really felt like seeing him today! I wonder if the secret admirer is Joel, I mean after all he did ask whats my type at the party and he did admire my other necklace sometime last week.. I do wonder..


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