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Its snowing again. Fun. Like it's been snowing all day yesterday. Just when the snow was gone.. poof! It appears as fast as Jenna's self hate! When I got to school and were opening my locker.. boom! A letter falls out! Surprised as I was, I mean who ever writes letters these days? Nah, I mean no one puts anything in my locker. However I picked it up and opened it. It said:

"Meet my at the triangle after school".. The triangle is what we youths call a playground that's shaped like a triangle, its located a few meters away from school. Hm.. I wonder who sent me it? Ah, maybe it was put in my locker by mistake? or its by my "secret admirer".. aka Joel!? I do hope so.. Well I guess I just have to wait and see.. But luckily its a short day in school, school's off at 1.50pm every tuesday! Love it it it it it it it ah! See what I did there? Probably not.. Anyway, Anyway~ Jenna was bitching today again as always, after math she started crying and ran to the bathroom.. Once again.. I had to of course follow after her.. She ran into one of the bathroom stalls and locked the door.. I went into the stall next to hers.

Me: Jenna.. Why are crying? Don't be sad..
Jenna: Why..??? Why.. can't I be sad!?
Me: Well, because.. being sad is not going to solve whatever you are sad about now..
Jenna: No one likes me!! Everybody hates me!
Me: You know that's.. not true. (It is true!)
Jenna: Nah!! It's true!!1
Me: You know.. maybe if you didn't become so depressed about everything and would smile more, people will like you.
Jenna: How can I not get depressed when my life is so f***ed up?
Me: Cry at home, cry alone. Smile and be happy when you're around people and it will all change.
She didn't answer me just continued to cry.. Sigh.. I looked around in the stall.. There were so many stuff written all over the walls..
Something that caught my eye was: "Cassie is a fake ugly bitch!".. Oh so nice.. Well they say all publicity is good.. right? Well it must be me, you see I'm the only one with the name Cassie at my school. I guess the one that wrote it was my arch enemy.. Xiao Mei, or as her peeps call her "XM" you know like  the size extra medium, though its not a real size, so its quite a cool nickname I'll admit. If I would make a nickname out of my korean birthname it would be YJ, like pronunced ''why jay''! OMG that's so cool!! People totally needs to start calling me that!!

Anyway, back to the subject. Maybe I should tell y'all why XM is my arch enemy? It all happend like in 4th grade, we were friends back then. I had my bff Callie, I like that name.. Callie.. It sounds so cool now doesn't it!? Well however XM "stole" my bff Callie.. She turned the whole class against me.. Well, at least that's from my perspective..  I hate her so much yet so many years later.. Oh well.. Why does she hate me then? I don't know.. because I hate her? Or maybe she's jealous that I'm so fine and she's not! Nah, I'm kidding! Haha..

However.. she stopped crying after a while, thank god! And as clever as I am, I wrote "Xiao Mei is a fake ugly bitch!" on the wall! I wrote it really big! And I had a red marker pen! She just had a plain ol' pencil! HAH! Yeah yeah so after school I went to the triangle. I was nervous like, wait what if XM had written that letter to me!? Nah, she wouldn't do that.. right? However when I was walking on my way there I saw someone walking a bit away.. It was clearly a.. guy.. Joel? I didn't manage to see cuz I slipped at some ice and fell hard..to the ground.. ouch it really hurt!! The guy ran up to me.. It was Joel!

Joel: OMG! are you okay, cassie?
Me: Ouch.. yeah I think so..
  He grabbed my hand and helped me up.!!
Joel: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah.. (was it Joel that sent me the letter??)
Joel: Wll that's good. Why are you like out here? Don't you like live on the other side of town?
  OMG! He knows where I live?? He must have sent the package!?
Me: Hm? Yeah, but.. I'm meeting someone..
Joel: Oh.. who?
Me: I don't know.. There was a note in my locker that said I was going to meet that person here..
Joel: Oh, okay that's strange..
  He didn't send the note..!?
Me: Yeah..
Joel: Oh, I guess I should leave then! Well, se you tomorrorw.. bye!
Me: Yeah, bye!
He hugged me and smiled then walked away..!!! OMG!!!!!!!! he hugged me!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I was so shocked and happy I couldn't move!! Me heart was beating faster!!1 I stood there smiling like Carrot Top on crack.

Dave: What are.. you doing?
  I stopped smiling like I was some crazy lady and noticed that Dave was standing next to me..
Me: Eh!? mm.. I.. eh.. Nothing..!
Dave: Haha..
Me: Why are you here? Go away.. I'm meeting someone! The person might not come if you're here!
  I looked around eagerly wanting to know who this person is!
Dave: Oh.. really?
Me: Mhm..
Dave: I.. guess I'll just go then...
Me: Yeah, yeah you do that..

I waited for 2 hours.. but no one showed up! I was so mad! I guess it was all a joke!? Or maybe that person did come but saw me talking to Joel/Dave and didn't come?? I don't know.. But I'm sure mad!!1 But at the same time I'm so happy because Joel  hugged me!!!!!!!!!!1 ♥ ♥ ♥


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