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Back to the same old jerk..

So today is Wednesday, which means history thingy with Dave. I was still mad about yesterday that the person did show up.. I mean I waited 2 hours and it was freezing cold! I bet it was XM who sent me the note to screw me!! I hate her.. or maybe it was put into my locker by mistake and was meant for someone else.. Oh.. I don't know.. However something happened later today..

So it was time for history.. I was still in a badish kinda mood.. I sat and just thought about who it could be and why it didn't show up.. I tend to "dream" away.. Meaning that I start thinking about something and make like faces, and just floats away from reality.. its kinda weird but oh well..

Dave: What are you thinking about?
Me: Eh? Oh.. nothing..
Dave: You.. look kinda down..
Me: Yeah.. I guess I am..
Dave: Why?
Me: Oh.. that person didn't show up yesterday!!
Dave: Oh.. well that sucks..
Me: MHM!!! and I waited for 2 hours!! and it was really cold and it still hurt from when I fell!!! Oh.. sorry I shouldn't complain about my problems too you..
Dave: Oh.. its okay.. well are you okay?
Me: Mh.. I guess there isn't really anything I can do about it.. you know..
Suddenly my phone beeps.. I got a text.. from some unknown number.. the text said:
"Hi, its Joel.. Tara gave me your number, hope its okay?"
OMG!! I love Tara<33 I smiled.. I answered: "Yeah yeah its okay ^^"

Me: Okay, so how are we gonna present it for th..
Beep I got a text! Joel again!! it said: "Okay, so what you're doing? ^^"  HIhi!! Lol, I like smiled huge and chuckled like when I saw Carrot Top after his Plastic Surgery!! I answered: "Having boring History.. you?^^" Hihi!!!1

Me: Oh, yeah so how are we gonna like present this for the class?
Dave: I don't know!! You figure out a solution!!!
Me: What? If you didn't get the message this a group proj..
beep.. another text! he's fast! "I'm having math! Lol, it sucks its so boooring.. you're the only fun.." omg.. hihi I chuckled like a kid in a candy store and my smile was as big as
Josh Balcony!! I was about to answer when..

Dave: Are we gonna work are you just gonna smile like a crazy lady and text?
Me: I..  I don't smile like a crazy lady!!
Dave: Yeah, you do..
Me: Oh.. so that's how's it gonna be, huh!?
   I answered Joel: "I feel the same way! I'm working with a jerk.."
Me: Why did you get so mad now suddenly.. you were being normal just before..
Dave: Oh!? .... Maybe because you told me this is team work and shit, but you don't even seem to pay attenion to that now..
Me: Well, I'm so sorry!! just as I were getting in a good mood you just destroy it..
Dave: Oh, so that's how it is, huh.. Well, then you can just work on this by yourself! I'm outta here!
Me: What!? Hey! (I would have threaten him with the old "I tell mr. Albright" trick but we had a subsitute..)
He got up and just walked out of the door..Unbelievable!! Such a jerk.. I wasn't gonna do this all by myself.. I decided to be bold and run after him, I mean I haven't skipped class before, but we had a subsitute, so it wasn't like I could get detention anyway! I got up and walked out of the door.. I didn't see him.. I figured he would've turned left.. so I turned left and saw him sitting at a bench a bit away.. I started walking angrily towards him!

Me: Hey!! You can't just walk out on me!!
Dave: Why not..
Me: Oh come on!! You're back to this?
Dave: To what...?
Me: It's a shame.. just when I started to like you..
Dave: You.?
Me: Yeah, well you know what? You just sit here! I'm not going back there either! So now no one does the work! Okay?
I walked away from him.. Ugh.. I was so mad.. I thought he was being normal but no, I guess he's still the same old jerk..
But however I'm still happy that Joel texted me!!



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