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There's already a rumor??

So.. I don't know what the fudge is up with Dave lately.. First he's acting all mean and that then he's acting all nice and normal like Carrot Top when he has eaten candy, then he's acting all mean again like when Carrot Top hit you in the head with a Barbie? And today he.. apologized!? Mood swings much, huh? So this is pretty much what happened..

I was walking in the corridors alone on my way to the bathroom to write XM is a bitch on the bathroom stall walls, to fix my make-up. I was walking calmly when a door opens in front of me. Out of the door comes.. ugh.. Dave.. I sigh and walk past him when he.. grabs my.. arm and says..

Dave: Hey, I'm sorry about yesterday I was.. already mad about something that day.. I won't walk out on you again..
Me: Really? Well that's good..
Dave: Mhm.. well see ya..
He walks away.. I'm kinda surprised he apologized.. He's acting so weird lately.. Like what's up with him!? Anyway I walked into the bathroom and saw.. ugh XM.. I absolutely love her nickname though!! However she walked up to me..

XM: Oh, you're here!? You know this isn't the boys bathroom!
  (Lol, that comment didn't make sense as I'm a really girly girl and constantely wears skirts and make-up..)
Me: Oh? I'm sorry I must have walked into the bicth bathroom!
XM: Hah.. So, you're the one who's written I'm a bitch on the walls, aren't you?
Me: Maybe, you know there's about 100 people that would write that.
XM: Oh aren't you funny! Who are Ellen Degeneres?
Me: Who are you? Carrot Top?
XM: Ha! Yeah right.. So rumor has it.. you got it going on with Joel?
Me: Really, there's a rumor about that..?
XM: Yeah, so is it true?
Me: Why do you care!? You like him?
XM: You know what, maybe I do.. Maybe I do.. What are you gonna do about it?
Me: Nothing.. I don't care if you like him..
XM: Oh.? Well.. That's good! See ya bitch!

She walked out of there liked she owned the world.. Lol, what a bitch. I'm so gonna write that she's a bitch all over the walls, haha!! But, I can't believe there's a rumor about me and Joel..? Who started it anyway.. It's not like anything really happened.. yet..

Later now at night Joel texted me! He asked me if I wanna hang out tomorrow after school!! I was like YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!<33 But I wrote it casually like: Yeah, okay. I'm so obviously in love with him I think haha..


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