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I'm so hyper today!! This was like my best day ever!!! You'll get to know in a moment!! Today I was going to the mall with Joel!! Anyway, so I still haven't really figured out why Dave is acting so weird lately.. But I do hope he stays normal and nice.. Well, anyway I  just arrived at school and were headed to the door. I saw Dave walking a bit behind me.. I didn't say anything. I walked up the stairs to the door.. when I.. ugh.. I slipped at a step! I was about to fall when.. Dave, who was right behind me in the stairs.. he catched me! I looked into his eyes shocked.. lololololololol.. these are the moments I should have with.. Joel you know.. but they keep happening between me and Dave!? Eh!?

Dave: A-A-Are you okay??
Me: Eh.. Yeah.. Thanks for like.. ehrm.. catching me..
Dave: Hehe.. You're welcome.. It's quite slippery, huh?
  He smiled..? Lol, he should smile more.. I mean he looks less evil then.. He helped me stand up..
Me: Yeah..
I started walking up the stairs again, with Dave right behind me, when I.. yeah that's right I was about to fall again, but this time.. Dave he.. uhm.. He.. how do you say it.. before I fall he.. like put his hands on my waist. you know so.. I wouldn't like.. ehrm.. fall.. Kinda akward..

Dave: Are you okay?
Me: I.. eh yeah..
  I looked at his hands and he quickly removed his hands from my waist..
Dave: Oh.. I'm sorry..
Me: It's okay.. I guess I should get better shoes..

Akward!!! After that we walked through the door and went seperate ways..
So pretty much nothing else happend in school.. I kept thinking about what happened earlier.. Like.. Do I have to get new shoes?? Are these shoes so bad that I slip all the time? Nah, you know what I mean.. Like I don't get him.. So after school, me and Joel!!!! was gonna hang out!! EEEeek! We were headed to the mall!! Lol, he just like got his drivers licence and his car is.. an old volvo or soemthing.. haha! But it's alright its Joel's car you know!! With me sitting in it!! He played some shitty music by usher or 50 cent or whatever! But it's okay!! Its better than.. lol him listening to opera music you know!!! Lol, you might see that I'm still quite hype, don't you?!?! I'm more hyper than Carrot Top on crack!! So our conversation in the car was like:

Joel: So what kind of music do ya listen to?
Me: Oh, like.. korean pop..
Joel: Oh..? Really? Interesting.. You're like korean?
Me: Yeah
Joel: Cool.. So, you know there's something I've been meaning to ask you..
  OMG!! What could it be!? I was so nervous!! But I managed to keep it cool~
Me: Oh, really.. what?
Joel: What do you thin about me?
Me: Hm? I.. think you're nice..?
Joel: Okay, but what do you think I think about you?
Me: That.. I'm nice..?
Joel: Hahaa..

Wearrived shortly after that. We got out of the car and walked into the mall. We went to the food corner and got some food!! We talked about random stuff and laughed.. nothing really memorable to write.. But after that was quite memorable!! After we had went through some shops we were walking and guess who I see? Yeah that's right Dave, he was standing a bit away from us I think he saw me but I was to busy walking with Joel. I hope he doesn't give me fashion advice this time, though! Suddenly.. Joel just stops..

Me: Wh.. Why did you stop? Is something wrong?
Joel: Yeah it is.. Do you wanna know what I really think about you??
Me: Oh.. Okay?
Joel: Okay, the truth is I like you.. and I think you like me.
   O to the M to the G to the OH-EM-GEE!! did he just say... what I think he said..??
Me: I..
I didn't get time to say anything else as he.. OMG!!! he.. kissed me!!!! @dfjkfdj!##$&("!!1!
My First kiss.. with Joel!!! Ahhhh!! so happy!!! It was.. quite nice!! lololololol! I hope I.. did a good job!? lololo... @@@

After that he smiled and held my hand.. I didn't know what to say.. I couldn't move.. luckily he started to walk and I walked with him.. Like what just happened?? Lol.. best part was that Dave prolly saw it!!! Lollololol he's prolly gonna tease me or something later!! But.. I don't get it.. Are we like bf and gf now? I don't know! Should I ask? No, that would be more akward than Carrot Top kissing a poster of Johnny Depp!!
Eh.. I'm confused.. but I guess we are? We went into the store where.. Dave were.. But I only kept looking at Joel.. I was still in shock!
He took out a cute pink top and..

Joel: This would look pretty on you!
Me: Oh? Yeah, it's cute
Joel: I'll buy it for you!
Me: What? No, you don't have to do that I have money..
Joel: Nah, but I want to then you'll have something from me!
   Omg!! how cute!! But.. wait does that mean he didn't send all those stuff to me on valentine's day??

He bought me the top!! After that we sat down and got a milkshake! He kept holding my hand, he hadn't let it go since he grabbed it!! Not, that I'm complaining.. I didn't know what I was gonna say.. I kept drinking my milkshake so it wouldn't be awkward..

Haha, you seem to really like milkshake.
Me: Hm? Yeah I guess.
Joel: Its kinda weird, huh?
Me: What? No, many people really likes milkshake..
Joel: Haha, I didn't mean that! You're so cute! I meant this just happening you know.
Me: Oh.. Yeah I guess
Joel: Its kinda awkward now??
Me: No, its just that.. I'm kinda shocked? Haha..
Joel: Oh, but.. its good shocked.. right?
Me: Yeah, yeah totally!

After that he drove me home. He kissed me again right before I got out of the car.
Wow, I did so not see this coming! I'm really happy. This is one of the best days ever!



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