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My Special Place

I couldn't sleep last night at all.. Its totally because of what happened yesterday.. Its so weird.. I still can't believe what happened.. There's so many thoughts running through my head.. First of all.. who the fudge sent me those gift anyway at valentines day anyway? It didn't seem like Joel did after what he said yesterday.. And who put that note in my locker wanting to meet me and then stood me up? Was it XM? Does she like Joel? Why is Dave so weird? Why Is XM such a bitch? And most importantly.. why do I always make fun of Carrot Top in my posts? and in Daily Life.?

However, when I got up today, well no, I was up all night I guess.. Just thinking.. I got a text about 1pm..  from.. UGH.. Jenna, it said: Did y'all go to a party without me!?!?!? I answered: "Yes, I wanted to bring with you but.. They didn't allow me.." Lol, I'm such a liar.. But its for her own good you know. She didn't answer me after that. I got a text again later from..hihi.. Yeah that's right!! J-O-E-L!! Woo! It said: "Hey, what ya doin?<3" Hihi, I answered: "Nothin' much, just going out, you?<3 ^^" I was on my way out to my special place! Lol, my special place is at some old abandoned building. You probably think it sounds weird and creepy? But its not, I believe the building was like abandoned like in the 70's or something, it used to be some office. It is actually quite clean in there considering that its quite old and like you know abandoned. It still got chairs and desks left and stuff. I don't know why it was abandon..

However there's this little office, it probably was the CEO office or something, I like to go in to that room when I need to clear my mind and think by myself. I usually do this 2-7 times a week. Its quite relaxing. But I never go here on the night, I did once and.. I think its a place where the mafia does business.. Only on late saturday nights though, so I'm safe there and alone between 1pm-5pm. After that It usually comes some random guy to steal the furniture and sell it online on Ebay. The CEO office still has it furnitures left, mainly because you have to like climb up a ladder and climb through a window because the door i like cemented or something. But I don't mind. Its like I'm Lara Croft on a mission.. Haha, nah but its quite fun. But to make sure I can only access the room, I hide the ladder when I leave. Hihi! Nah, but seriously its kinda like my second room! I even got some food hidden there!

I really like going there, it feels like that's the only place I can be alone and vent my mind! Joel answered me briefly after that, like seriously he types really fast!! "Okay! I'm chillin' w/ Gary ^^" I didn't answer as I wanted to arrive at my special place first so I could relax. I climbed up the ladder and went through the window. Ah, at my special place at last! The CEO office is probably the cleanest room in the whole building, but then again.. I have cleaned it a bit myself! ^^ I sat down in the couch. And suddenly my phone rings.. Joel is calling me!?

Me: Hello?
Joel: Hi.. its me
Me: Hi! Why are you calling?
Joel: Oh, just wanted to hear your voice!
Me: Naaw..
Joel: So.. where u at?
Me: Oh?? I'm..
  What should I say..? I haven't told anyone about my spacial place and I don't plan to tell anyone! Not even Joel..
Me: I'm.. at my cousin's place.
Joel: Oh, okay..
Me: Why..?
Joel: Oh, just felt like seeing ya. Maybe later??
Me: Ah, yeah sure.. like I can get off here at 3pm?
Joel: Oh, okay that's nice! Meet me at the triangle?
Me: Ah, yeah sure! Bye..
Joel: Yeah, bye..

Right now the time was 1.33pm.. I wanted some long time to think I guess.. But omg that's so sweet he like felt like seeing me?? I sat there and vented my mind and ate some cheese balls. Something that hit my mind was.. why? WHY, did you do the surgery Carrot Top? WHY? Nah, that wasn't on my mind today.. but I still do wonder why he did it.. haha..

As I sat there thinking that Carrot Top looks like a freak now.. I heard someone outside the window! Which was weird I mean it was after all 1.50pm now.. Mafia isn't here until midnight and the guys who steal stuff usually doesn't appear until 6pm.. Who could it be? Well, the most important thing was that.. wait they could actually climb up the ladder now as it still there as I need it to climb down later!! OMG what to do.. what if its.. CARROT TOP?? I hurried to the window and looked down.. I saw some guy sitting there, probably around my age or older.. He probably isn't dangerous.. I hope?? I couldn't see the guy's face as he was staring down.. The guy started crying!? I kept looking down there to him.. I felt sorry for the guy whatever he was crying for.. He stopped crying after like 7 minuts and left.. I still didn't get a glance at his face though.. Weird.. I guess I have to watch up now.. Maybe he will come here again? Maybe this is also his special place..? Well, honestly I don't mind sharing it with him as he's a stranger and as long as he doesn't take my room!

The time flew by after that and it was 2.50pm already.. I hurried down and hid the ladder.. When I suddenly got a text:
"Hi, sorry I can't make it today.. my mom suddenly wants to go visit my aunt.. uh it sucks.." Ah... too bad I felt like seeing him now.. Oh well, maybe tomorrow? I went home after that.


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