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Its not a secret anymore..

Yet again, I was at my special place today. That guy came again..  But he didn't cry this time.. He just sat there just staring down at floor. I don't know why but I was interested in who he was and we he came here and why he was sad/down. I looked down on him when I suddenly by accident touched the window loudly.. He reacted and raised his head, but I closed the window quickly before he could see me.. He said:

Guy: Hello?
  I didn't answer him..

Guy: You know I saw you right?
  No, he's lying there's no way he saw me!! ...right? His voice kinda sounded familiar.. Could it be someone I know?
Guy: Show your face! I know you're up there!
He started climbing up the ladder! I locked the window.. Luckily you can only lock the window from the inside.. He tried to open the window.. He then knocked on the window.. I was so nervous I didn't know what to do.. But luckily he couldn't come in! I sat down relaxed in the couch just waiting until he would leave. But apparently I was to fast to lock the window that I didn't lock it properly!! He tried to get up the lock.. I was really scared now.. I went to hide under the desk! The desk was pushed to the wall and it's one of those desks with like.. Ah! how do you explain it?? It was built like this and it were pushed to the wall, meaning that the side with the drawers were against the wall. You understand what I'm saying, right? I hide under the desk, and pushed it back to the wall, so you couldn't see me. Shortly after that, he managed to open the window! I was so scared! He walked through the room looking.. I was hoping he wouldn't care to even bother about the desk!

Guy: Where did he go?

HA! So he didn't see me! There's no way I could be mistaken for a boy, I mean I have very long hair and make-up you know.. I heard him opening the window so I figured he was finally leaving. I did a: "Wooh!" sound you know, the sound you make if you're in trouble and but you find a way out of it? That was very stupid of me, cuz he obviously heard me! He walked to the desk and moved it.. I was curled up to a ball looking down on the floor and held my arms over my head..

Me: iiih!.. Please don't hurt me..
Guy: Ca.. Cassie??
  What.. he knew my name!? I uncurled myself and looked up.. who is it.. Yeah, that's right Dave! Why does we always meet so strangely?!?
Me: D.. Dave? What? What are you doing here?
Guy: Yeah, I was about to ask you the same thing! Why were you.. looking at me?
Me: Hm? Because I heard someone outside and I went to see if it were the guys that comes and steal stuff, but I didn't see who it was so..
Guy: Oh? Okay.. But why are you here??
Me: Oh? This..
   I guess I had to tell him about my place.. I mean what could I say? That I was stealing stuff? That I'm a perv that looks on people outside the window? No..

Me: This.. this is my place.. well its not MY place, but I come here often to be alone and think... Its basically my second home..
Dave: Oh? Really, well that's quite interesting.. It's a nice room.
  He smiled and gave a silly look at me.. He sat down beside me on the floor..
Me: Yeah.. But why are you here?
Dave: Well, pretty much the same reason as you.. But I don't have a special room and this is only my second time being here..
  Wow, I can't believe that he does that too.. kinda cool.. i guess?
Me: Oh, that's kinda weird that we both do that.. But.. why were you crying?
Dave: Mmm?? What? What are you talking about??? I wasn't crying.. Are you high or something?? Hahaha..
  He acted quite nervous.. Haha guess it hurts his pride that I know, huh?

Me: No, but I saw you crying here yesterday..
Dave: Oh.. you.. y.. you.. saw that too?? Well.. I uhm.. got.. something in my eye!
Me: You got something in your eye for like 7 minutes?
Dave: You were watching me crying for 7 minutes?
Me: Well.. I.. You were distracting me while I was venting my mind and.. Hey you admit you were crying?
Dave: I.. Fine! I was crying so what..
Me: Are you gay?
Dave: Wh..?
Me: Haha, I'm ust kidding! No, but seriously its weird that you would cry.. I mean you're so.. manly and so.. not the type to do it..?
Dave: Oh? I'm manly? Well, yeah I know..
  I looked like he was really happy to hear that!
Me: But.. why were you crying?
Dave: Hm? Well.. I don't want to tell you that..
Me: Oh, come on!
  I pushed him gently on the arm..
Dave: No..
Me: I bet it was because of some girl right?
  He looked at me surprised.. I guessed right!

Me: Ah! I knew it!
Dave: Fine.. you're right..
Me: She rejected you?
Dave: No.. she doesn't know..
Me: Aha! Why don't ya tell her?
Dave: Ah, no.. she likes someone else..
Me: Oh.. well that sucks! Who is it??
Dave: Wh.. Why are you so curious?
Me: Well, if its someone I know I can put in a good word for you.
Dave: Why.. why would you do that? Don't you hate me?
Me: I did.. But you're so nice and normal now..
  I gave him an big smile so that he would feel better.. He smiled back at me..
Me: But.. there's something I wonder.. why.. did you stop being so mean to me?
Dave: I don't know.. I got tired I guess..
Me: Oh? But why were you mean to me in the first place?
Dave: I.. I guess its beacuse you're so funny when you get mad!
  He ruffled my hair and laughed.. I got him in a good mood!
Me: You want some cheese balls?
Dave: What? Cheese balls?
Me: Hehe! Yeah I got a whole stock of it in the desk!
Dave: Hehe.. Yeah, sure!
I got up and got a bag of cheese balls and we sat down in the couch. I opened the bag and we started eating some.. I love cheese balls!

Me: But.. you're gonna continue being nice... right?
Dave: Mm.. Yeah.. There's really no point being men to you anymore..
Me: Anymore..?
Dave: Yeah.. Hey I saw you at the mall yesterday...
Me: Oh yeah.. you did huh..
Dave: Yeah.. so who were you with?
Me: Joel..
Dave: Ah.. your.. boyfriend?
Me: Yeah..

Lol, after that we pretty much just ended up talking about random stuff.. Then the clock struck 6pm..

Me: Oh, its already 6pm?!
Dave: So..?
Me: We gotta go before the druggies gets here!
Dave: Druggies..?
Me: Yeah, they come around this time and steal stuff and take drugs..
Dave: Really??
Me: Yeah, and by the way if you going to continue coming here, out that in mind and that the mafia is here every saturday night around midnight! And if you're coming up to my room, you have to hid the ladder when you're going, ok?
Dave: Wow.. okay.. so I can use your room?
Me: I.. yeah I guess..
Dave: Cool..
Me: Yeah but we have to hurry up before they see us!

We climbed down the ladder and I showed him where to hide the ladder. After that we went home. It was pretty nice today, maybe after all in some strange ways we can be friends? Well, Joel didn't text me or call me at all today.. Should I've had texted him? I don't know.. kinda dissapointed.. Oh well.. It still was a fun day!


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