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Long time no see

There wasn't any school today because tat it was a snow blizzard! Yay! But.. I'm kinda worried about the history thing, like its due next week.. And.. well basically we've got nowhere.. But he promised me to not run out me again, so it should work out.. The blizzard pretty much stopped at 12pm so I thought I would call Joel and see if he wanna hang out.. or something.. I called him but.. his phone was turned off.. I'm kinda sad.. I mean like at friday we got together and at saturday he said he wanted to see me and yesterday I didn't hear from him and today.. no.. What's going on..?

And of course I wanted to go to my special place, today as well. But.. now Dave knows about it too.. Hm.. Well I hope he's not there I need some thinking time.. by myself. So I headed up there and he wasn't there! Good. Hm..This place isn't really that special now,is it? He knows about it and I told him he could use it.. Should I find a new room..? No, I've looked really hard the first time and this is the best and safest room. Besides I have even a food stock of cheese balls and I have kinda decorated the place a little.. haha. No, I can never give up on this place! This place have helped me in hard times and have given me a place to hide from others. Well, I can just hope that Dave doesn't come here during my time.. Maybe we should make up a schedule? I don't know.. So sometime later I tried calling Joel again.. He picked up this time..

Joel: Hello?
Me: Hi, its Cassie
Joel: Oh, hi
Me: So.. wanna do something today..?
Joel: Yeah, yeah sure! Meet me at the triangle now? okay bye!
Me: B..
He hanged up before I got to say bye..!? What!? Well, its alright I guess.. I climbed down the ladder and hid it.. I went to the triangle..  I sat down on a swing and waited for like 10 mins.. And then Dave? Yeah Dave shows up and sits ont he swing next to me.

Dave: Hi!
Me: Oh.. Go away I'm waiting for someone..
Dave: Oh? Aren't you being rude now? Not even saying hi?
Me: Hi. Now go away..
Dave: You sure you're not gonna get stood up again?
Me: I'm not.. this isn't the same person anyway..
Dave: Really?
Me: Mm..
Dave: Hey you..
  Suddenly someone covers my eyes from behind and says:
Joel: Guess who??
  I wanted to answer Carrot Top.. But I managed to stop myself.. I really need to stop with this Carrot Top jokes, you know?
Me: Joel??
Joel: Yeah!
  He removed his hands from my eyes and I turned my head back and saw him..
Joel: Ya ready to go?
Me: Yeah
I got off the swing and he took my hand.. I waved bye to Dave and we left.. though I had no idea where we were headed!! He didn't say anything.. Neither did I.. Kinda weird.. When we had walked for some time we reached an building. We walked in and went to the 6th floor. I took a wild guess and thought this was his place you know. He let go of my hand and reached in his pocket for a key. We walked into the apartment. It was kinda big and fancy. It looked like those place those people in Disney shows have, you know the wow house that has those stuff you don't normally see and think that there's no way someone with their income could afford this, but somehow they do and you think maybe they make more money than they should or maybe they deal with drugs or make cheap Rolex replicas, but then you think that people in Disney shows wouldn't do that and then you relise that Disney shows doesn't portray the realismen of people's income and you think such swindlers, you know that kind of house.

Joel: This is my place. What do you wanna do?
Me: I don't know..
Joel: Wanna watch a movie?
Me: Okay

We ended up watching some thriller movie. But somehow I don't remeber what the movie was about.. Oh yeah I wasn't watching the movie.. I was wathing Joel haha. We sat in the couch and he had his arm around me. Quite comfy. We ended up just talking about random stuff after that. It got late and I had to go home. It was a fun day.


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