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A Bloody Threat

I'm nervous about the history project! Its due next week. So that means only two more lessons to work on it and then.. Oh no.. We have to present our project to our class. Ugh.. I hate.. Yes I literally hat reading pout loud and present stuff to people. Ahh.. spring is here.. soon. Its quite warm now actually. The weather here is weird.. like really weird. So today when I was walking to school I saw.. ugh XM. I walked past her when she suddenly grabs my arm and grabs my shirt and "throws" me to the wall!!! Like calm down psycho! She held me up against the wall with an angry look and then she said..

XM: BItch! Ya better break up with Joel huh!
Mika: Yeah! You better break him!
   Mika is XM bff.. She doesn't speak English well.. at all.. 
Me: Yahh! Let go of me!
XM: Nah, you listen carefully now huh! If you don't break up with him.. I'm gonna make your life a living hell!
Mika: You're understanding?!
Me: Its that a threat?
XM: Nah, its a fairytale! Fyeah! You got it!?
Me: I'm not gonna break up with him just because you said so!
XM: What!?

She lets go of me and "throws" me to the ground. The hard ground. Ouch. My hands starts to bleed.. Nice. I get up.

XM: Consider this a warning.. CASSIE! I'm not going to be nice the next time. You don't want a next time, now do you!?

After she said that she pushes me hard to the ground.. again. She storms off after that. My hands are bleeding, and it ain't little. I look down on my hands feeling.. sad..

Dave: Are you okay!?
  What the.. when did he get here??
Me: Wh.. When did you come!? Did you see the whole thing..?
Dave: Yeah I saw when she pushed you.. Are you.. your hands are bleeding!
Me: Ah..

He helps me up and walks with me to the bathroom. We walked into the girls bathroom. Yeah that's right he followed me into the girls bathroom. But, luckily there were nobody inside there. Class had already started so everybody were inside the classrooms. He held my hands over the pouring water. He wahed off the blood. He grabbed some paper towels and wiped my hands. The bleeding had stopped. During all this I just looked you know little shocked at him.. He didn't notice though. I guess I'm still not used to him being.. you know normal.

Dave: Ah, it stopped! (the bleeding)
Me: Yeah.. Thanks.
Dave: You're welcome. But.. why did she do that?
Me: Oh.. ya know she does that to everybody! Haha.. (nervous laughter)
Dave: Yeah I don't think that's the reason..
Me: We should get going.. you know we're late! Haha! (nervous laughter)

We walked out and went to our classes. After that class it was history. We actually got some work done. Nice. We might just get at least an C.


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