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☆★☆A nice surprise!☆★☆

So today was valentine's day. I felt kinda depressed.. cuz you know I don't have a boyfriend. I wanted to hang out with someone but Taylor and Tara were with their boyfriends. Heather was having a major hangover. There was no point calling Jenna.. I don't really feel like hearing her rant on why she's such a failure. And Amy? Well she ain't no Carrot Top alone. I mention Carrot Top too much these days, don't I? Well, however the doorbell rang and I opened the door. There was no one there. Just a package with my name on it!? I brought it inside and opened it and...

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So today was the party at Josh, it was quite interesting and shocking.. Here's what happened:

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Jenna the freak, cliques and a Party

When it was time for lunch me, Taylor, Heather,  Amy, Tara and Jenna sat at our special table. Well, we usually sit at that table, you see the cliques all have their special area in the Cafeteria. You might ask, .. Right I haven't revealed my name.. Ehrm.. Lets just call me by my English name Cassie, well my birth name is Korean, but I go by Cassie. However you might ask "Oh, Cassie you must be sitting at the cool peoples table, right?" Haha, I wish. No, I don't actually the popular kids are jerks. I sit at one of the "normal people table" that would say I'm not hated like the weird kids nor loved like the popular kids. I'm just one in the "crowd". I would sit at the Asian table, but they don't let me in because one of them is my enemy since 4th grade.. Lol, enough about that. So we sat down and started to eat.. When Jenna suddenly is acting like Carrot Top stole your money and bought bananas.

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Lincoln.. discovered America?

At History we were teamed up and had to to some project work about "someone who changed history".. Lol, our teacher really likes us to do team works and present it for the class.. I hate to read in front of many people.. I really really hate it. Guess who I got teamed up with? Yeah that's right, DAVE! Out of all people why DAVE? Well, because the first letter of our surnames are an K. We're the only ones with an K!! It's times like these I wished my surname was like.. Johnson, Graham, Letterman or heck even Nahasapeemapetilon.. Isn't this gonna be fun working with someone I really hate.. But, he acted kinda weird today..
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Is Dave.. Human?

Just got home. It was quite a interesting day today.. So today I wore that gorgeous blue checkered high waisted skirt with a white tank top with cute print on it and a nice pink cardigan with some nice black leggings and my lovely pink fake uggs! Loved my outfit today! So cute! Yeah but enough about that. Me, Amy, Jenna & Taylor were waiting outside our classroom waiting for class to begin. Dave was standing a bit far away.

Amy: Wow, that's a really cute skirt! It really suits you!
Me: Really? It SUITS ME? Thank you so much!

I gave a "Hah, who's wrong now?" look at Dave. He rolled his eyes. HAH! Looks like someone just got burned!

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Bumping into Joel..

Me, Jenna and Amy were headed to class, when I discovered that I forgot my notes in my locker! I told Jenna & Amy to walk ahead. I started walking.

Amy: Don't forget that we're in 108!
-I started walking backwards and answered:-
Me: Oh, yeah right! I forgot!
Jenna: Yeah, yeah.. Just hurry.. k?
Me: Yeah, I know.

I turned around.. and bump into JOEL.. It's the classic "Someone bumps into someone and they drop their books and both bends over to get the books and makes contact!" scene! We both dropped our books. We both bend over to pick up our books when..

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Shopping advice from.. Dave?!

So me and Tara went to the mall today.

So me and Tara we're looking at clothes at the mall.
Tara: This top is cute!
Me: Yeah! Such a nice color..
(No, that top looks like its made for 10-year olds.. its like so small and revealing!!.. hoe-top..)

She ended up buying that top.. I bet her boyfriend will like it.. After she bought the top we went into H&M. Tara was at the dressing rooms trying on some skirt while I was going through some nice T-shirts with cute prints on it when I suddenly see.. Dave.. He was all alone though and was looking at some.. skirts? Either he's a tranny or he's buying something for a girl......... Read more??~Collapse )


My crew and Idiot-Dave

Jenna is sick today, well no she's just pretending as usual. She always does that. I'm so sick of her. It really feels like she have changed a lot. She wasn't like this before, or maybe I have changed? Clicky#Collapse )
So today was another boring day in school. Pretty much as everyday. There's still a lot of snow. Like seriously its up to my knees! But luckily I'm wearing my cute pink uggs, fake uggs that is, no thanks to dead animals on my feet. Jenna is bitching again, complaining about how miserable she is..

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New start

So yeah here's for a new start.. My old account got hacked.. So my old entries were copied here by me. I'll write about my daily life here. Like it or leave.